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Who are we ?

Egypt-Alive is a private organization ensuring assistance for the populations of the south of Egypt. Started in February 1997, this association Franco Belgo Egyptian assist the children and parents in Assouan's area, south Egypt. From 10 years, we have supported and developped this area with different actions.

Our vocation :
The association is helping children. Egypt-Alive is giving support to families and children in deep south Egypt, south of Assouan. Part of our team is living there and Egypt-Alive is bringing every day help to develop scolarity, hygiene and dignity to these poor people and to give them happiness.

Our works :
Education, Apprenticeship, Scolarity and Development of children from the most unprovided families. Egypt-Alive is offering school books and games or toys to improve evolution in this area. School renovation is an important step for they future. Egypt-Alive has also a new plan to assist those women for whom every daily task could be very difficult. Help us to realize our plans.

Visit our page our plans to have more details.

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