Plan N1 - (1/3)

Construction of a primary school building.

To fight against the illiteracy in the south of the country, because to enjoy all these faculties, it is undeniable that a man has first to be instructed, unfortunately numerous are these children of the Egyptian south especially in the underprivileged zones that have not accesses to the instruction, to the education.

Egypt-alive in his education program for children has at the planning stage the construction of a basic school situated in a village in the Aswan south. Over there, there is no school and some children are obliged to go to the school in a village neighbor (moved away) and cannot receive essential education to a normal development.

EGYPT-Alive would a building with 3 classroom and one office. Simple, but enough to receive all children old enough to go to school and ready to receive what they need for a happy future...


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